Forskolin – Herbal Extract from Coleus Forskohlii

You’ve tried everything from hitting the gym to counting calories. Hours of your time wasted on comparing the thousands of diets Pinterest has to offer. It all seems like a great idea until the weight you spent so long attempting to get rid of just inches back into your waistline and your favorite pants don’t fit anymore. 

The truth is, we all want to look good. Whether it’s that summer body you have been trying to achieve for years or simply wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin. Weight loss is important but so many people struggle with the process and even more with keeping the pounds off.

More than two out of three adults are considered overweight or obese. Scary, right? This is why each year, more and more adults do whatever they can to lose weight. Around 50 percent of all Americans are dieting or trying to maintain their weight. That was 108 million people in 2012. Which, according to research, has only increased in the past few years. You’d think that with all the options we have today, getting rid of excess weight and making sure it stays off should be easy. Sadly 90-95 percent of all dieters regain the weight they lost within one to five years. You eat and you eat, and you eat again. Cheat days, anyone? Many people enjoy taking a break from their healthy habits to indulge in foods that will unfortunately set them back and keep them from reaching their goal.

A study was done where dieting patients were followed for various lengths of time. About 23 percent of those who were watched for fewer than two years gained back more weight than they had lost. A startling 83 percent for those that were followed for more than two years. 

In fact, dieting itself has been found to be somewhat dangerous for your health. It is significantly associated with accelerated weight gain and increased the risk of becoming overweight. You lose weight, you re-gain it, and once you have the motivation to change your lifestyle, you get back into making the same mistakes.

Surprisingly enough, there is a way to break this tiring and endless cycle. Getting rid of excess fat shouldn’t be that complicated and when it comes down to it, it isn’t. Forskolin is an herbal extract from the root of a plant called Plectranthus barbatus (Coleus forskohlii), a plant originating in India. It is found to be a part of the mint family. Not only is it used to treat a variety of health conditions and diseases, this natural herb also proves as being very effective in losing weight. It appears that forskolin may assist with fat loss while preserving muscle mass. Now, all those days spent at the gym will finally pay off in the long run.

First off, it works through stimulating the breakdown of fats and then breaking down the lipids containing fats. Forskolin also aids in losing weight through its ability to increase the production of thyroid hormone levels. When thyroid production levels are increased, our metabolism rate also increases which leads to weight being lost and staying lost. Weight loss can be experienced within a few weeks of regular use of this herb. Using forskolin as a supplement can really help you get that extra boost to finally succeed in looking your best and feeling even better.

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