Forskolin for Good Health and Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Forskolin comes from the root of the Indian coleus, a plant related to mint. This purple, decorative, and elegantly flowering plant plays a well-known role in the Indian tradition of Ayurvedic healing.

And it’s used to treat a surprisingly wide variety of ailments.

  • It’s been tapped to aid digestion.
  • Its properties can rid allergens from the blood.
  • It may help relieve asthma, with its muscle-relaxing effect around the bronchial tubes. Doctors at a public hospital in Mexico found it could prevent asthma attacks in both children and adults.
  • It can lower your blood pressure.
  • It has demonstrated its potential to play an important role in heart disease treatments.

What else can this versatile root extract do for you?

  • It can increase your bone-mineral density—certainly good news to you if you’re at risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • It may be helpful in treatments for glaucoma—offering hope in the struggle against the leading cause of permanent blindness.

And there’s still more. Forskolin can also boost your energy. It can protect your urinary tract. And it can help you get a good night’s sleep.

It improves “regularity” too, thanks to its stimulating effect on your metabolic rate and digestion.

Getting in Shape With Forskolin

Now, about that metabolic rate. Forskolin’s popularity as a weight-control aid was launched by praise from Dr. Oz. But does it really work “as seen on TV”?

Studies suggest it actually can.

Forskolin helps your body release its stored fat. And in a completely natural way. It does what your body normally does when it taps into fat for energy.

While there’s no getting out of watching your calorie intake, forskolin may give you just the extra help it takes to get to your ideal weight and shape.

In one well-known study, 250 mg of Coleus forskohlii extract (10% forskolin) twice a day for three months presented very interesting results in the men who took it. They shed fat, but preserved muscle mass.

In fact, forskolin significantly decreased their body fat.

And their testosterone level rose—also significantly. Testosterone can help release fat and build muscle.

What About Women?

Women using the extract daily for three months, in a study carried out at the University of Memphis, did not experience fat loss from the supplements. But wait! The outcome of their study showed that forskolin may protect against weight gain.

The researchers’ conclusion? In their own words, Forskolin “has the potential to positively influence the loss and management of overall body weight possibly as a means of maintaining weight after weight loss.”

How to Take Forskolin

Take 100-250 mg of Coleus forskohlii (10% forskolin). Read the bottle to be sure to get the correct dose. Take this dose twice a day.

And that’s the key—remembering that twice-daily dose. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle. Some athletes will take the first dose when waking up, for the energy boosting effect.

Do keep up a regular exercise routine. When slimming down with this fat-burning supplement, you will be able to maintain your muscle mass while you help your body shed (or prevent increases in) stored fat.

Note: While research on forskolin has affirmed it as a natural compound that is free of negative side effects, it  might not be right for everyone. Caution is recommended if you’re taking blood thinners or blood-pressure drugs, or if you have experienced polycystic kidney disease. You should talk with  your doctor about your expectations and any potential risks. Do this before you decide to integrate forskolin or any other supplement into your diet.