Only 5% of people keep this new years resolution, you failed too didn’t you? 

Every single year millions of Americans vow to lose weight (you and I included). We publicly announce it all over every social media channel that every existed and then tell our friends and family about how great we’re going to look in a couple of months.

Guess what though? 95% of us fail… No surprise. We all knew it was going to happen. Nobody ever succeeds, it’s basically impossible anyways, right? Wrong

You can lose weight, you can succeed, you can look good, and you can love your body. It all boils down to a few very simple rules (like insanely simple) just follow these and you’ll see success (for sure). You ready?

Three rules that will guarantee you lose weight if you follow them!

Losing weight in 2017

1. Motivation

You will never look good! Just give up already and accept the fact that you will always be fat. 

About three days into the year that is exactly what you will be telling yourself (as if you have no chance to lose weight) and although you don’t believe it now it will be a fact your brain will be shoving down your throat.

The biggest mistake you can make is not plan for it. 

Right now, go on the social media channel you use most often and follow the heck out of fitness and health freak pages.

It’s simple psychology, if you don’t have anyone telling you to get your butt off the couch when you’re scrolling through your feed you won’t get up. Plan ahead, you know where you go when you’re lazy. Leave motivation exactly where you will find it when you need it most, that’s the key to success when you’re trying to lose weight.

There are thousands of great accounts you can follow! Heck, who cares about your friends go follow all of them.

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2. A Plan

Now you are the most motivated you have ever been… so what?

Time to take action, drastic action (but not to crazy). Another big mistake you can make and probably have already is start too much too soon. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your workout plan shouldn’t look giant on January 1st either.

If you start big, you will fail… going all out the first week will burn you out.

How is a habit built? By doing something everyday for a long period of time. Ask yourself this question: can you convince yourself to do a small workout every day for two weeks? If yes, you can make that a habit and just start adding to it later.

Find a couple small things that will help you lose weight and that you can work on now and do it, NOW!

Diet: make one small change (an extra V8 a day, or one less soda a week, or no sugar in your coffee) keep it small!

Workout: Keep this one small as well. Start with a simple 5 minute jog every day, or just 25 pushups and sit-ups, or if you’re a little more advanced something more. The key is to do it consistently for a week, and then add!

3. Help

You are well on the road to success, if you follow the above two rules all you need is some grit and you’ve got it. I promise that if you start small and keep yourself motivated you will begin seeing changes (you simply have to keep at it).

That isn’t it though, you will be tempted! What happens when you become super super hungry? Or what will you do if you are very tired all of a sudden in the evening and don’t go out for a run?

This is where 99% of you fail, which is why we have a solution. 

You need a support plan, something that will keep you from caving in, something that will keep you energized.

There’s this one famous Doctor everyone keeps talking about: Doctor Oz. He recommends this one simple solution to weight loss, it’s actually a natural weight loss solution that has been used for ages all over the world.

It’s a from a plant called the Coleus Forskohlii root and what it does is simple: Forskolin stirs the body to produce cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This is a molecule that signals the release of a thyroid hormone that begins a calorie burning process.

Not to complicated, actually quite simple.

On it’s own the Forskolin Weight Loss solution isn’t as effective, but when paired with a healthier diet and even small amounts of physical exercise it acts like jet fuel. 

Here’s what happens: You begin to workout and cut back all your soda intake. It goes well for a week or two but the cravings keep coming back. You have a hectic schedule at work and you feel way to tired to go for an evening jog once you get home. You skip out one day, you skip out the next…

10 months later instead of losing 25 pounds you gained 30. You failed!

In comes the Forskolin Weight Loss Solution… in two simple sentences here’s what it does:

It promotes an energetic mindset, resulting in a more fit and active day. Also helping to suppress your appetite and makes you much more mindful of what you are eating. 

You could use a little kick in the rear end once in a while, why don’t you try Forskolin today for free and see what all the hype is about!

Thanks for reading, we hope this was helpful! We are wishing you the best of luck this next upcoming year, you can turn your body into something you’ve always dreamed of! Just don’t give up!

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